Welcome to The Energy Blog!

Since I am asking that you listen to what I have to say, in all fairness, I feel you should know something about the person behind this blog. Please, do not ignore the man behind the curtain.

  • Demographically, I am 54. I live in Central Ohio with my wife (and soul mate, promoter and overall best friend) of 10 years. We have no human children, but we have several Cats & Dogs that we consider our children. We live in a modest, but nice, house, make a modest income, and do all the things that modest, nice, people who live in houses in central Ohio do. I drive a Chevy, consider a chain restaurant a “fine dining experience”, watch “reality” shows, and like to putter about the house.

  • Politically, I am quite the mixed bag. I lean towards conservative, and I suffer from a growing nostalgia for the times when things were simpler, when, in general, people were more neighborly, and everything was, well, better - society wise. I think our educational system is broken, and we need to return it to the values it had when I was growing up. I think we are far too politically correct, while, at the same time being far too judgmental, divided, and insensitive to others. We are all people, people! We are all on the same boat (earth) making this journey together. Every person counts, and every person has a place.

  • At the same time, I have a total wonder and fascination for our technology, and the progress we have made so quickly, and so pervasively. I do miss, and revel, in older technology, especially computers, that were at once more approachable, and more endearingly complex. But, the progress we have made in technology is no less than a miracle. I do still wish computers had rows of flashing lights, cars had less plastic, and Ma Bell still had the largest “network”.

  • I have never voted a "straight" ticket, and I weigh each issue, and candidate for office, on their merits, not the "party line". As you will find, I do not accept anything at face value, and the more something is propagandized, or thrown in my face, the less I trust it. I do not believe in very many "conspiracies".

  • Technically, I am an avid electronics experimenter, and gadget builder. My gadgets often perform some obscure function that would be better served by a commercial product, and cost less. But, they are MY gadgets, conceived of by me, and made with MY hands. My professional life has been spent in telecommunications, data processing (now know as Information technology), and electronics.

  • I derive a lot of enjoyment from science and physics, and I understand much of it, at least empirically, if not mathematically.

  • I am a “professional” do-it-yourselfer, and I enjoy woodworking, carpentry, and home repair and remodeling.

  • I enjoy facts and statistics – a fact you are statistically likely to realize if you read this blog.

  • I somewhat have a compulsion to organize things and information. I’m not always successful, but I try really hard.

  • I am also a "gear head", "Motor head", or whatever we are called these days. I enjoy cars, fixing cars, building cars, and driving cars. I also enjoy the conveniences that technology has brought us, and I refuse to live without them. I believe we will need much more energy in the future, and that, by responsibly creating, managing, and using that energy, we can, to paraphrase - "have our energy, and use it too".

  • I am also a huge fan of science fiction, and a certified "trekkie" (or Trekker, I'm not sure anymore). You will find numerous references throughout this site to Star Trek, and other science fiction. While it helps if you understand the references, just ignore them if you don't. Science fiction has, often as not, turned into science fact. It is, for me, a valuable and enjoyable window into the world of possibilities, both technically, and societally.

  • I have lots of favorite movies, but quote wise, I tend to quote Star Trek, Star Wars, and Especially Airplane, the most. But, that’s not important now, and Please do not call me Shirley.

  • Finally, of course, I am a firm believer in Alternative energy, and an avid follower of the energy paradigm.