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January 24, 2010


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You won't be able to buy one because these thnigs don't work. That is the reason why all you can buy are the instructions.Imagine: you buy the instructions, but the device you built from the instructions doesn't work as it's supposed to do. Can you reclaim your money from the guy who sold you these instructions, or would he be able to claim that the problem must be with the device _you_ built?Now change this scenario: you buy a finished system. Again, it fails to deliver what was promissed. Can you reclaim your money and possible sue for false advertising, with a good chance of getting your money back? In this case, the seller can't claim that it's your fault.And now again switch these scenarios around: in which case would you rather like to be the seller, the first or the second?And btw, there are no cars that run on water.And btbtw, I don't claim to know the whole truth, I leave that to the philosophers. I'm a physicist and claim to know what is physically possible, what might be possible and what is impossible. Oil companies just sell oil because that's a (comparatively) easy way to make money. If they could make money from selling tesla generators, they would do just that or simply set up some of these generators for themselves and use theit output to synthesize fuel. Such a generator can't be more expensive than exploring drilling for oil.

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