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January 17, 2010


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There are a number of nuealcr plants along the Tennessee river, especially in the Eastern Tennessee valley. One is ten minutes or so from my family home we could see it from my high school. Watts Bar is about 30-40 minutes north of there (and 30-40 minutes south of Oak Ridge, home of the atom bomb!). There's so much nuealcr gunk in the river that pregnant women are warned against eating any bottom-feeding fish. Basically, TVA and Oak Ridge turned the Tennessee Valley into the Valley of the Shadow of Death. Armageddon!


My step-mother insists on leaivng the air conditioning off on our second story and closing all of the doors there too. On an average day the upstairs heats up to 100 degrees fahrenheit and my room heats up to 110 degrees while it's 73 degrees downstairs. Is this energy efficient and smart? If not, is there a better way?I forgot to mention that the air conditioning is turned back on at night.

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