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February 26, 2010


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Thanks for the post. How come it will not work for a typical home or small business?

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The industrial emission of bad air is huge and this is a lovey method to purify the air.This is a very informative blog and got to learn a lot from it.

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There should be developed some strategies to control over industry as wall as environmental environment.But there is a matter of cost, Government should take a notice at this.


It is typically more esvxneipe for you to designate "green" power. It is a method to subsidize the building of more wind power, but in reality wind power is not any more "green" than nuclear power. The intermittent nature of wind power makes it necessary to have some sort of "backup" power, usually gas, wind uses much more concrete and steel than nuclear power for the same amount of megawatts. Wind power actually has a larger "footprint" than nuclear power, it takes more land to produce the same amount of power. We need to explore all the methods of producing power while minimizing the effect on the environment, this is one way of donating to that cause and voting with your $$.

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AS the bloom energy server has been revealed, it is going to make a major difference in saving electricity. As bloom energy can help save electricity as it has Low cost materials, high electrical efficiency, and Fuel flexibility. These factors makes it more vulnerable.


I'm in Kenya for the moment and it makes of crouse perfect sense here (lots of sun) but it depends on how long the installation lasts (approximately 20 years), then the question is how much it will cost to have it replaced. We're combing it with wind turbines (as we are in a windy area and that might be the better choice for power supply in the long run Time will tell.


Harvesting solar energy levaes no carbon foot print. Solar energy, wind energy and hydroelectric energy are some of the most envioronmentally friendly options available to us today.A lot of electricity is currently created by burning coal, which releases CO2 into the atmosphere.

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