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February 24, 2010


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In about 20 years the humanity will run out of gas and oil so now we Must search for new sources of energy. Moreover, I'm quite sure that water engines DO exist but biggest oil corporations made everything they could to prevent such engine release on our market.

Thomas Shaw

I thought that "oil corporations made everything they could to prevent such engine release on our market." was a conspiracy theory? Maybe there's some truth to it.

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I didnt know it took so much energy to start a car let alone drive it. I am glad I don't even have a drivers license.

Naomi Champy

It's funny that a lot of people studied the forms of energy back in their elementary days, but only a few notice it once they drive their own cars. It's good to look back to those basic science lessons because we can apply these basic concepts in our everyday lives. We may even be able to somehow discover more ways to use energy wisely.

Andrew Hunter

I am the energy club president at my high school, executive board member of the international energy alliance, and I am interning for my city. My high school is located at the bottom of a rather long and step hill. I recently proposed to the city to provide a traffic turnout at the top of the hill so that parents can drop their kids off at the top of the hill, saving fuel and reducing carbon emissions. This idea seems to conform with the city's Green City plan, the parents want a faster solution to dropping their kids off, the school likes this green idea, there is state funding available for this project, and it greatly reduces a long history of problematic traffic congestion. The city is developing a design and will present it to city council. I now need to calculate the reduction in carbon emissions and fuel saved. Thanks for this starting point.


No Mike, it doesn't specify new deemeopvlnt only and I don't see how the country could be divided between two speed limits, old and new. But it is a complicated issue because the rules already say that there is no need for speed bumps and other traffic calming measures if the *average* speed in an area is already 24mph or below. It just needs the signs. But local authorities seem to ignore this advice and seem always to be determined to build speed bumps. I think that all residential areas *could* have 20mph limits if the government mounted a publicity campaign to educate the public, as it did successfully when it introduced seat belts.


let not forget about kinetic energy, this determines how fast the car travels and the impact velocity it has. owner of - http://www.kineticenergys.com


Essentially , a good home solar cell and windmill ergeny system is an highly pure way of creating clean ergeny from the wind and the sun. People who want to keep off the grid might need to consider adding a battery system as a backup in case the home power generation system can't create sufficient ergeny by itself. It just is dependent upon the sorts of windmills and solar cells that are used as well as their potency in making ergeny. Whether they are tied into the grid or not all relies on the home-owner, though .


Recently there's been a hysteria of DIY fans mkiang an attempt to go green by building their own solar electricity systems. Keep this extremely clear, to build solar electricity systems yourself you want a set of trustworthy set of step-by-step in-depth instructions designed by a bunch of professionals with the target of helping the regular, non-technical, everyday folk to be successful in this project.

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