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February 24, 2010


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Zero-Point-Energy from the planet's own naatrul energy grid (about which Nikola Tesla and Wilhelm Reich knew much) could have replaced ALL fossil fuel usage decades ago, but it couldn't be metered, so the powers-that-be did not, and will not, allow this suppressed technology to be made commonly available. They never will as long as they remain in power. These are ultra-wealthy and powerful dark-minded people for whom we don't vote and rarely ever see in public. Fortunately, their days in power are numbered.When the day arrives, as it soon will, when the Federal gov't. resigns en masse as it and other major governments around the globe are revealed to be illegal enterprises, and caretaker gov't.'s are installed by Earth allies, you will know that we are on the fast track to a totally clean energy future on Earth for EVERYONE! Furthermore, Earth's civilization will be well on its way to becoming a galactic star nation member following ET Disclosure and First Official Contact.My primary information sources: Sheldan Nidle & David Icke

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