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March 6, 2010


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Many BTU

To go one step further utility rate of electricity is generally around $0.10 / kWh. So, if you ever wanted to calculate the cost of the electricity used of an appliance it would simply be:

Lightbulb (100 Watt):

100 W * 10 hrs = 1000 Wh = 1 kWh

1 kWh * $0.10 = $0.10

So, it costs 10 cents to run a 100W light bulb for ten hours.

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Our car needs two gallons of gas (248,000 BTUs) every hour to go a steady sixty MPH. So, we are doing work at the rate of 248,000 BTUs per hour. At the end of ten hours, we will have consumed 2,480,000 BTUs (units) of energy. Of course we ran out of gas 6 hours ago…And, that indeed, as a rule of thumb, is what the average 30 mpg car needs to go down the road at 60 MPH.


So is it fair to assume Vader's light saber is using a ccmpaot flouescent now?What if Vader's plant was exactly equivalent to yours in terms of energy efficiency (explicit and implicit BTUs/gallon b100 produced)? Both plants have investors from afar (yours from Lion's Head, his from a galaxy far far away), but yours also has investment from some local entrprenuers. Vader uses enslaved Ewoks, you pay a market rate salary to your employees, and offer health insurance.Who is more sustainable? You have an equivalent energy footprint, so is it a tie? The BTU/gallon metric may have the greatest correlation to environmental sustainability, but I would argue that the local investment and fair labor practices also contribute to sustainability both environmental and social. (If you disagree with this specific point, this is a separate agrument that needs to be fleshed out more).I think that the inclusion of factors other than energy becomes an issue of weighting each factor should affect a plant's rating in a way that is proportional to the factor's impact on the plant's sustainability. Just like using waste steam from an adjacent trash-steam factory for your process heat and using an energy star toaster in your staff kitchen will factor into your BTU/gallon calculation differently, so BTUs/gal and fair wages should factor into your sustainability rating differently. These non-BTU factors may arguably be considered fine-tuning, but they should still be contributing factors.Anghhhr,Chewy

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